Freshly Cracked Pepper


About J.P.


Who’s J.P Foster?

Fulltime counselor, cat and doggy daddy with a hungry appetite for food and blogging. Join me in my journey as I create, re-create and test out amazing recipes. 

Why do you cook?

I think my love for food stemmed from tasting my grandmother's homemade pozolé on Sunday morning after church and just remembering how so much heart and soul went into making food for her family. For me that gave me a passion to cook and find that same drive for good, tasty food. 

What's your favorite food?

My personal favorite food hands down is pizza. The dough, sauce, meat and cheese just makes any day so much better. I'm also a fan of saucy dishes like spaghetti, chicken marsala, and butter chicken. 

What's your favorite ingredient?

Obviously, fresh ground pepper. I think it adds the best flavor to any dish or meat whether it's a simple salad or a fresh cut of beef. I could never live without pepper in some shape or form when it comes to food. 

Who's your inspiration for cooking?

My inspiration for cooking is my mom because even though she worked full-time she would put food on the table 

What is a piece of advice for beginner chefs?

Keep it simple and add some love to your cooking. Works every time and the food will always turn out great.